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Why pick me as a coach?

Why choose me as a coach? Simple. I’m here to serve women just like you who are looking for support.

Heading towards a significant birthday, I realised that I had never done what I wanted in my career. A friend of mine announced on social media that he was meeting his significant birthday by returning to uni to retrain for a brand new career. I read his post and I was so taken that I thought ‘why not?’

I’d been a qualified life coach for a long time, but I’d never really done what I set out to do in the field. Sure, I had used coaching in my jobs but I longed to have my own practice – to really make a difference. So, I reconnected with my passion to work with women who were struggling to be heard or having trouble in finding their path, and I decided that I would like to study a Postgraduate qualification in Professional Coaching.

Enter Fear and Doubt! And ooh are they a powerful pair! That Fear Fairy had me consumed by the fear of returning to education. How would I cope with assignments again? Would I be able to achieve what I set out to? Would I be wasting my time and money? And as if that weren’t enough, the Doubt Demon had his say too: supposing that I did do the course, who’d want to come to me as a coach? What makes me so special?

But the thing is that Fear and Doubt only have power if you let them – and I chose not to give them my power! I signed up for that Postgraduate course, I had a logo designed for my business and I launched my website. The biggest way to silence fear is to take positive action to disprove what that negative voice is telling you! I know that I’m a great coach and I knew I could make a difference if I just damn well got on with it!

You see on the surface, I coach women who want to make positive change in their lives following big life events, like childbirth, marriage/ remarriage, career promotion, loss, separation/divorce. But what I really do is provide women – women like me and you - with a safe, comfortable space to share and discuss what matters to you – your lives, your dreams, your goals. I provide an outlet to expand what you want to achieve, helping you to build your confidence and to let go of thought patterns that are holding you back.

These big life changes can be overwhelming – even the positive changes! They can make you fearful of further change and they can make you doubt your own capabilities. What if it doesn’t work out? Am I too old/ too young? Will people laugh at me? All these questions can fly around your head at 90 mph! It is hard work. You want to be successful, you want to achieve things that are important to you, you want to be valued but above all, you want to be listened to because you need to be heard and understood.

The women that I coach are the captain of their own ship. As a coach, I am just a navigator. I help to make sense of your map as together we work through your journey. When you work with me, you can be assured that I’ve done the research and development for you, because I’ve already been there. For me, being a coach represents continuous and genuine empathy and support. At its root, my deepest truth is that I want to help people like me in a way that wasn’t available to me when I needed it most. I want for you to feel heard. I want you to see your worth, to grown in confidence. Every method that I offer tested and true, and helps you fill out the big picture of YOUR vision. Perdoceo Coaching the most competent option you could ever choose in coaching.

I really hope that what I have shared resonates with you and I would love to grab a virtual cup of coffee with you to listen to what you want to achieve and to understand what I can do help you get there. Please do drop me a message – it’d be great to hear from you.

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