What you get is what you see

February 10, 2021

“But there are other people already doing what I do! And they are better at it!”

Erm, no, they’re not. Just because someone else offers the same service or a similar product to you does not mean that they are better than you are. The upshot is that they are not YOU.

Never forget that YOU are the reason that people come to your business.

Don’t doubt the power that YOUR personality, YOUR character and YOUR individuality bring to the value of your offering.

Take me for example (yes, me!) Women don’t seek me out as a coach because of the colours of my website. They don’t ask me to help them with their complex challenges, goals and dreams because of the shoes that I wear!

Women come to me when they need a coach because I am open, I am honest and because the nutty person you see pulling funny faces on my social media is the person that you are going to get as a coach! I am authentically me and I won’t pretend to be anything else.

And that is great – just as what you have to offer is intrinsically and genuinely you.

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