January 28, 2025

oday there was a ‘bump’ in my road. I hit a patch of turbulence.

Yes, I am speaking metaphorically here. No fear of jetting off to sunnier climes at present! But turbulence doesn’t just have to be about flight. It is an irregular movement that interrupts an otherwise smooth flow. And that is what happened to me.

I have been spinning my proverbial plates – full time job, home life, global pandemic, yada, yada – quite nicely, thank you very much. Until this afternoon when the Anger and Resentment Fairy showed up, and my plates started to wobble!

Cue me in floods of tears, clenched fists, temper and frustration!

I’d had enough of being in lockdown, I was tired of trying to hold it all together, fed up with trying to be positive, exhausted from trying to be all things to all people, all the time.

Ladies, I know that every single one of you understands this feeling, right? Because we have all been there. You’re moseying on through the day-to-day stuff and then - WHAM! A tiny little thing, an irregular movement, throws you off your smooth flow and you end up catastrophizing every last thing. In that moment, you feel like the end of the world is nigh – and hey, that’s OK. So long as you don’t stay stuck there. Negativity is not a destination.

I took a few minutes to sob, vent and get everything off my chest. Then I remembered: I’m a coach – I help other women to deal with these feelings every day, so I had best do some learning myself!

I did some breathing exercises, I stretched my legs and I settled into a meditation. Once I had taken those few minutes for myself, I was in a better place to listen to myself.

A technique that I use in my one-to-one sessions with clients is based around thoughts, self-talk and kindness. You see, thoughts are just a flow of ideas in your mind. It is how you talk to yourself about those thoughts that then turns into how you react to them.

Today, I felt that I had done something wrong and because of that, I had told myself that this one little problem was merely the tip of the iceberg; that I clearly couldn’t get anything right, blah, blah, blah….

When I sat back and thought about the situation, with a clear mind after calming down, I realised that I didn’t actually do anything wrong in the first place. But because of the negative way I had spoken to myself at the time, I created a HUGE negative surge of nastiness towards myself – resulting in tears and anger. I had actually caused my own turbulence.

If I had just taken a moment to stop and breathe before I charged at my thoughts head first, I’d likely have had a better ‘journey’ towards my evening. As it is, I was lucky enough to remember that turbulence doesn’t last and that once it is over, you appreciate the reaching your destination all the more. And for me, my destination this evening is a glass of something sparkly!

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