To-Do lists are overrated!

January 26, 2021

A client recently asked me ‘Why can’t I get to the end of my to-do list? It just keeps growing. I never get to the end. It’s supposed to help me but I feel like I’m failing at simple things.’

I asked her to show me her to-do list and I wasn’t surprised that she felt awful looking at it! It had items like:

* Have to pick up dry cleaning

* Must read article about keto

* Need to organise... blah

Seriously, I’m not surprised she was feeling deflated. I asked her a question- ‘If you were asking a really good friend to do the jobs on the list, would you tell your friend that they HAD TO do a task, or that they MUST DO the task or even try to convince them that they NEED TO do the task?’

She laughed, and said of course not. So I continued ‘If you wouldn’t speak to a friend that way, why are you speaking to yourself like it? Be kind to yourself’.

Just by changing the way you ‘speak’ to yourself, you can change the way you feel. I suggested a new ta-da list instead of ‘to-do!’

A friend told me once that ‘ta-da!’ was nicer than ‘to-do’ as when a job is done, you can have a little happy dance and think ‘Ta-Da! I did it!’

The new ‘ta-da’ list had items like:

* Grab a coffee and swing by the dry cleaners on the way home

* I can read that article whilst I enjoy my coffee

* I get to organise the jobs that I’d like to do in the coming week so that I have more time for me

Just tiny little changes. A small incentive. Positive ways to work in the not so positive stuff. It all makes such a difference.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do lists, drop me a message and let’s chat about turning your ‘to-do’s’ into ‘ta-da’s’!

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