Ducks in a Row?

February 18, 2021

You know, compassion and empathy are two of the most undervalued traits in human nature. We live in a society that puts value on self-gain and promotion, on striving for perfection, on being the best of the best. But how often do we actually see someone else’s perspective?

Someone recently commented to me that I am someone that seems to have it all together. I put out amazingly positive posts on social media. I work full time, study part time and run my own business too, as well as taking part in lots of events and initiatives. The person said that it was so great to see someone with all their ducks in a row. But that was just their perspective.

Trouble is that perspective is my A-side! Social media only ever shows peoples A-sides – the B side is not the side that we advertise. For me, my B-side can sometimes be a far cry from having ducks in a row! At worst, my B side is not ducks, it’s pigeons and they are not in a row, they are at some kind of permanent rave!

I work hard, I put in some very long hours, I can get stressed and I sometimes struggle to keep all my ‘commitment plates’ spinning at the same time – just like you. Sometimes those plates come crashing on down around my ears - just like yours can for you. The only difference is that I have learnt over time the methods and strategies that I need to help me to sweep up the pieces, glue them back together and get those plates back spinning again.

The compassion and empathy that I have for my clients is borne of self-compassion. I have had to learn over time to be kinder to myself and to treat myself in the same way that I would a good friend. I’ve talked in previous posts about the power of self-talk and this is where it matters most. Learning to speak kindly to myself was the first step in the process of sweeping up and mending when my ‘plates’ came crashing down!

I might make the ‘commitment plate’ spinning look easy, but that is only because my balancing and coping methods are many and they are actionable. And yours can be too.

If you’d like to have a chat about how you are spinning your ‘commitment plates’, DM me – it’s be great to connect.

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