The Ultimate Get Happy, Empowered & Free Framework




Over 3 hours of video lessons PLUS a special workbook

About the Course

Utterly brilliant ways to help you build your confidence, understand your fears and live a life worthy of YOU!

No BS, No quick fixes, No empty promises - just honest, reliable and tested techniques to help you to get next-level confident by embracing change, learning how to acknowledge & manage your stress responses and uncover how you can use YOUR voice to start making a difference.

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Your Instructor

Charlotte Phillips

I coach women who want to make positive change in their lives. I provide women – women like me and you - with a safe, comfortable space to share and discuss what matters to you – your lives, your dreams, your goals. I provide an outlet to expand what you want to achieve, helping you to build your confidence and to let go of thought patterns that are holding you back. What if it doesn’t work out? Am I too old/ too young? Will people laugh at me? These questions can fly around your head at 90 mph! You want to be successful, you want to achieve what is important to you, you want to be valued. But above all, you want to be heard and understood. For me, being a coach represents continuous and genuine empathy and support. My truth is that I want to help people like me in a way that wasn’t available to me when I needed it most. I want YOU to feel heard. I want YOU to see your worth, to grow in confidence. Every method I offer is tried & tested to help you design the life worthy of YOU.

Charlotte Phillips